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About Us

Why Choose Us?

  • ZappQuant has its own proprietary automated trading systems that we have built from ground up using mathematical data, Hyperdimensional physics, Quantum physics & other proprietary methods.

  • ZappQuant's yearly returns can go over 25% or more PER year.

  • While traditional Investment options give a monthly profit of 1% or lower. ZappQuant surpasses those numbers on a exponential level.

  • ZappQuant only charges a performance fee. Meaning if you don't make money, we don't make money.

  • ZappQuant Donates 2% of its yearly profits to a Nonprofit Organization that helps children & adults that are homeless.

Our Philosophy

To these ends, our overall philosophy is built upon three simple tenets


Focus on what is important in a complex global environment


Deliver superior performance with less-than-commensurate risk

ZappQuant Profits Sept 2021 - Aug 2022.png


Target high-performance returns on invested capital

Ultimately, we strive to establish meaningful, long term and highly adaptive investment approach that seek to benefit from opportunities in the FX market, taking in consideration the associated risks.

Risk Management

We will proactively attempt to limit downside risk in three ways:

  • By constructing a portfolio of diverse assets; by choosing to invest in those assets that have a sound risk-management profile.

  • By mitigating the business risk associated with CFDs investments.

  • By choosing to invest in those assets that have a sound risk-management profile.

Image by Chris Liverani
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