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Investment Philosophy 

The preservation of clients capital is paramount. We constantly strive to ensure sustainable returns on investment. Our investment philosophy and risk management are based on several key principles.
Applying fundamental and technical analysis

A combination of fundamental economic indicators and market data are analyzed to evaluate economic conditions. This analysis informs and drives our long term strategies and short term tactics to navigate the evolving currency market. Profitable correlations and relationships between currencies and commodities, along with price divergences, can be identified in the global marketplace with a view to take advantage of major trends and minor price reversals.

Investment Limitations and Restrictions

The company will invest up to 30% of its Assets in one currency. A restriction to minimize the exposure to one currency as part of the diversification policy.

Risk Management

The company will proactively attempt to limit downside risk in three ways:

  •  by constructing a portfolio of diverse assets;

  •  by choosing to invest in those assets that have a sound risk-management profile; and

  • by mitigating the business risk associated with currency investments.

Seeking and identifying investment opportunities

The success of the investment activities of the company will depend on the our ability to identify investment opportunities, exploit price discrepancies in the financial markets and assess the importance of news and events that may affect the financial market conditions. Assessment of the current conditions allows us to maximize returns based on the identification and exploitation of investment strategies.

ZappQuant Hyper Dimensional Trading System

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